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audiovisual  composer


"Rhythm is a breath that

shapes forms and colors.

Rhythm ravels and unravels

vibrating in the Order, vibrating in the Disorder:

it mixes everything with it.

Rhythm is music, Rhythm is life"


is a florentine artist, born 1959.

High school of arts degree and music conservatory.

Chamber music concertist and composer for theatre and stage performances.

Jazz player in italian clubs. 

Meanwhile he keeps painting and working on the tight relation between visual and music communication.

2010 -  exihibition at "STERARTE" gallery, Florence

his work called FUOCO won the "Italian prize for visual arts 2010" 


2011-  concert-exhibition (live music with works displayed) at "Jazzato", Florence

"Intessere" exhibition at "Tannanz"  gallery, Florence

exhibition in "Gadarte" gallery, Florence


2012-  personal exhibition at "Cuculia" gallery, Florence

 "Potraits in black and white" music-exhibition project dedicated

to Chet Baker, at "Jazzato" gallery and other locations


2013-  "La forza del colore" ("The Power of Colour") exhibition at "Gadarte" gallery

personal exhibition at "Castello dell'Acciaiolo" , Scandicci (Fi)


2014-  exhibition at the historical "House of Dante" gallery, Florence


2015 - personal exhibition "l'Essenza dell'Equilibrio" ("The Essence of Balance"), Florence

prize winner at the "Yokohama Balok Orchestra" illustration contest


2017- LEXICON project (piano improvisation on electronic music and abstract video images)


2018-  personal exibition at Palazzo Bastogi in Florence


2019- personal exibition at IMMAGINARIA gallery in Florence                       

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